Massage Therapist

Jennifer Ross massage at Biospirit Day Spa

Hello! My name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jen or Jenny! I have been a dedicated Massage Therapist since 2003. I discovered in the beginning that my profession is genuinely rewarding because I enjoy working with people on an individual level to help facilitate the process of healing and well-being. Therefore, I feel constantly fulfilled with my career and I truly love what I do!

I am educated and proficient in all massage services we offer at BioSpirit. My specialties include holistic Anti-Stress Relaxation massage, Mother to Be massage, Hot Stone massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Young Living essential oils and body treatments.

I am very passionate about reading, yoga, meditation, sacred dance…all of which rejuvenate my mind, body and soul. I also have a deep appreciation for spending quality time with my family and friends. I cherish being surrounded by nature in this amazingly beautiful place we call home, Lake Tahoe!


Massage Therapist

Coco Maliya massage therapist at Lake Tahoe Biospirit Day Spa

Hello! I am a proud member of BioSpirit and have been at the spa since the beginning. I am an experienced Massage Therapist with a vast career in the industry that expands almost 20 years. People describe me as incredibly dedicated, loyal and consistent.

I am fluent in all treatments/services offered at BioSpirit and assist with the training of new staff members at the spa.

My clients find me to be thorough, intuitive, and incredibly passionate. I have a very loyal clientele and take much pride in that. I approach each client with an open mind and heart and am truly dedicated to the wellness of our clients. Having such an extensive career in the industry, I feel that I have been approached with some of the most challenging situations with client’s needs. I never detour from the focus and dedication that is needed to meet every need.

I take pride in being one of the lead therapist on the BioSpirit staff and we all work to uphold the reputation and the standards of our spa. I welcome new clients and value the loyalty of my established clientele.



THÉA NEWHOUSE Esthetician at Biospirit Day Spa

Théa earned her esthetics license in her home state of Michigan in 2006. Thea relocated to the Tahoe area in 2009, and has been with BioSpirit since 2013. Théa has extensive training in all areas of the aesthetics field, and specializes in eyebrow shaping, facial massage, and making waxing as painless as possible. Her clients appreciate her warm demeanor and attention to detail. She is skilled in airbrush tanning and has worked as a regional makeup artist for Chanel.

Thea is also a certified Pilates instructor and teaches classes in Reno and South Lake Tahoe.


Massage Therapist

LYNDSAY PLOURDE massage therapist at Lake Tahoe Biospirit Day Spa

My name is Lyndsay and I have been with BioSpirit since July 2014. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in massage therapy. I am very passionate about my career, experience and education. I go in to “work” everyday knowing that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I feel extremely blessed to be able to make people feel better than when they first walked in the door. It is my job to improve the quality of life for every client. I am fortunate and blessed for that opportunity every day!

I thrive on using different forms of massage that focus on the needs of each client. Whether the need is to work on a recent injury or to just relax and relieve stress, I am able to listen and clearly understand what is needed by each client. My hands are the tools to alleviate the driving issues!

I specialize in Structural Integration (SI), also known as Rolfing. This is a deep bodywork technique that focuses on the connective tissue throughout the entire body. It is considered to be a corrective, clinical form of massage using soft tissue manipulation, specific movements and active stretches. There are endless conditions that can throw our bodies “out of wack”, from injuries and over compensation to emotional scars. S.I. is a successful tool in achieving physical optimal balance and ultimately allowing every system in the body to function optimally.

I enjoy the quote “Your life does not get better by CHANCE, it gets better by CHANGE.”


Massage Therapist

MEGAN JARAMILLO Massage Therapist at Lake Tahoe Biospirit Day Spa

Megan joined BioSpirit in September 2014. Megan has been practicing massage since she was 18 years old, knowing her calling is massage and helping others with physical discomfort. In Megan’s words: I was born and raised in Lake Tahoe and have worked in multiple spas, but have found my home with Teresa (owner) at BioSpirit! My customer service philosophy is that the customer always comes first and I strive to make each client feel comfortable and to always meet their needs. I truly love everything about massage, but overall I am passionate about healing and making them happier than when they first walked in the spa. I am intuitive and proud of being able to read clients’ needs. I bring a vibrant energy to BioSpirit and I feel fortunate to do bodywork on our clients.


Massage Therapist

Coco Maliya massage therapist at Lake Tahoe Biospirit Day Spa

I am a certified Massage Therapist with training from Florida. I came to Lake Tahoe and joined the BioSpirit team in July 2015. I am passionate about the effects of massage on the mind and body to achieve wellness.

I specialize in client-specific therapeutic massage treatments using a variety of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports massage, MET, Aromatherapy and Energy work.

Each session is customized to the client’s needs, using detail-oriented techniques to help alleviate muscle tension and loosen knots. I enjoy seeing how I assist with stress relief, giving relaxing, restorative and therapeutic results each time!



Front Desk Concierge, Human Resources, Group Advocate

Coco Maliya massage therapist at Lake Tahoe Biospirit Day Spa

I joined BioSpirit in February 2014. This is the most valuable and rewarding work that I have ever done! Teresa (owner) has the most amazing philosophy when it comes to the well-being of the clients and her staff!
My background includes a career in Human Resources and Customer Service. Living in Lake Tahoe for over 20 years, I not only care about making each client’s spa experience memorable, but strive to make their entire Tahoe experience unforgettable. It’s important to me that people want to make BioSpirit and South Lake Tahoe their destination of choice. Working with this amazing group of people at BioSpirit who are absolutely committed to client satisfaction falls in line with my values and beliefs. Clients become family to us and we genuinely care about their health…mind, body and soul!

I thrive on working with pamper parties and other group events. Organizing these large (and small) groups is fun and rewarding. People love our pamper party packages and we enjoy making it an amazing day for them!

In Human Resources, I encourage self-development and value the concept of keeping our work environment healthy for all of our employees. This is made easy because of the innate focus and passion of this unique staff!

BioSpirit has a magical feel to it. The clients are literally transformed after their visit(s) with us. There isn’t anything more gratifying than seeing the healing and relaxation that we provide our clients. The transformation is exciting every time!


Front Desk Concierge

Allison Mancini - Lake Tahoe BioSpirit Day Spa

I joined the BioSpirit team in early December 2015. This is a very happy place. I love the people I work with. It’s all about feeling good here!

This job allows me to continue my small business in housecleaning. Working at the Front Desk, answering phones, setting appointments and welcoming guests is a familiar job since I’ve done this kind of work at a chiropractic office and as a former insurance agent.

As a customer at any business, I appreciate being treated with respect and courtesy and that’s how I treat everyone whether in person or on the phone. Because I’m often the first and the last person a client speaks with, I want them to come in feeling welcome and leave knowing that we appreciate them.

I want to help make the Therapists and Estheticians jobs easier and smoother so they can concentrate on making our guests happy.

I love that for many of our clients, getting regular massage and/or facials is part of their routine. Feeling pampered and relaxed helps make them happy and successful in their homes and at work.



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